COMPA, El Alto, Bolivia
September 22-28, 2010. El Alto, Bolivia.In the high satellite city of El Alto above La Paz, there is one of the most amazing Community Art Centers we've ever seen: COMPA. Established 1989 they have a wealth of experience playing social theatre for disadvantaged people throughout Bolivia. We paint part of the ...
Fundación Ñanta, Sucre, BoliviaSeptember 19-20. Sucre, BoliviaThere are about 6,000 working children in Sucre, and half of them are independent, working as shoe-shiners, car-washers or selling items on the street. They often work under terrible conditions and drop out of school. Foundations such as Ñanta guide them towards a hopeful future through cultural activities, healthcare, ...
Casa del Niño
Casa del NiñoSalta, Argentina. September 11, 2010.The poverty in the province of Salta is not directly visible from the capital's fancy street cafés, yet hundreds of thousands of people live in slum areas around the city, and poverty is ubiquitous in the region. Casa del Niño supports impoverished, often terminally ill children by giving them ...
Ko’eju Asunción
Ko'eju, Chacarita, AsunciónSeptember 7-8. Asunción.On the stretch of land between the Bay of Asunción and the pink parliament building is the famous Barrio Chacarita, where hundreds of poor families are living. Ko'eju is a Christian organisation offering vocational training and gatherings. We support a family with equipment to set up a micro-business that sells juice ...
LIFE Argentina
L.I.F.E. ArgentinaBuenos Aires, August 30-September 1.In Buenos Aires there are certain areas, like Villa Ciudad Oculta, that you can't find on the map. They often don't have clean drinking water, electricity or gas, and the police won't enter there. The local ngo LIFE Argentina organizes events for children, supports soup kitchens and delivers school supplies. ...
Project HOPE
Project Hope, Ubud, BaliBali, Indonesia. July 2nd - 15th, 2010.
Myanmar Child Refugees School
Myanmar Child Refugees SchoolKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 1st, 2010
Every year, a number of political refugees from Myanmar make it across the border with Thailand and further into Malaysia. Their children are semi legalized but aren't entitled to basic services. A private initiative offers them education and safety from traffickers.

Occasionally, ...
Sao Sary Foundation
Sao Sary FoundationKampong Speu, Cambodia. June 16th - 18th, 2010SSF (Sao Sary Foundation)'s mission is to "to identify at risk children and provide sustainable assistance to both the children and their families"

We do some workshops with the children and support three poor families buying them cows for sustainable income generation.

NameSao ...
Saigon Children’s Charity
Saigon's Children CharityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam. June 15th, 2010SCC supports children of empoverished families with a scholarschip program and cooperates with a number of local schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We support three children and do some interesting labor at a school in the city: we clean up schoolbooks with erasers ...
Peuan Mit

Vientiane, Laos. June 3th, 2010Peuan Mit ("strong friends") in Lao, supports former street children with vocational training. They run a restaurant themselves that serves delicious food.

We donate what we have left of our Lao KIP, following the suggestion of

NamePeuan Mit through stay-another-day.orgAim
to reintegrate the children into their society ...
Muang Sing, Laos. May 20th - 23rd, 2010The butterfly children's center in Muang Sing, northern Laos, provides scholarships to children and functions as a drop-in center for underprivileged children.

We buy stationary for the center, do workshops with the children, and make a monetary donation.

NameButterfly Children Development Center and School, Muang ...
Missionaries of Charity
Missionaries of charity, CalcuttaKolkata, India. March 25th, 2010Mother Teresa's Missionaries of charity offer volunteer opportunities in the poorest parts of Calcutta and other cities for every visitor who is willing to help.

We donate food for the orphans resident at the center.

NameMissionaries of Charity (Mother Teresa), CalcuttaAimThe Mother Teresa of Calcutta ...
Eph’phatha Orphan home
Eph'Phatha Orphan HomeThiruvannaimalai, India. March 10th - 17th. 2010A wonderful orphans home in Tamil Nadu, India, run by the most hospitable people you can imagine.

Charity Travel works with Eph'Phatha about a week to help starting income generation projects.

NameEph'phatha Orphan homeAimSupporting orphaned children in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, IndiaSince1996Staff2: Nehru and RubyPeople ...
Ikageng Centre JohannesburgJo-burg, South Africa. February 26th, 2010"Ikageng aims to improve the quality of life for orphaned and other vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS on a sustainable basis, and to ensure that they achive and live a fair life like every other child [and] to help develop [them] into educated, employable adults who could be ...
Oasis Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010
Oasis works with street children in Harare, Zimbabwe giving them a brighter future and keeping them on the right track.

We support Oasis with a donation and assist in a hip hop workshop for the kids.

NameOasis, Harare, ZimbabweAimTo assist the street children of Harare: ...
Streets Ahead
Streets Ahead, Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010Streets Ahead supports at risk street children in Harare by offering them emergency shelter, workshops like Capoeira, and vocational training like basket weaving and candle making.

We visit streets ahead and exchange ideas with its friendly director; we support this cause with a donation.

NameStreets ...
Zion Assembly Church of God
Nairobi. Kenya. December 13th, 2009The Zion Assembly Church of God invites us and our Kenyan friends to tell about 100 children about their rights not to be abused.

Apart from the workshop, we also provide a meal for the children.

NameZion Assembly Church of GodAimChildren's Rights Sensitizing and Sustainable Feeding ProgramSince2000Staff12 people ...
Vision for the lost souls ministries
Vision for the lost souls, NairobiNairobi, Kenya. December 7th, 2009The Vision for the Lost Souls orphanage in Nairobi is well managed and has received considerable media attention. The director is also supporting a school in Ciongombé.

We hold a sensitizing session for 187 kids and show them a movie with our pocket projector.

Joy Valley Orphanage
Joy Valley is a struggling extremely poor orphan home and informal school in a slum area of Nairobi. Children are underfed, the school is treatened with closure by the government. We visit the orphan home several times, sensitize the children, and support money for sustainable income generation: a chicken coop, a sewing machine. Jared Otieno ...
Caritas Egypt
Caritas Egypt, CairoNovember 28th, 2009Caritas Egypt does community outreach in empoverished areas of Cairo. They provide cheap healthcare and vocational training for marginalized and mentally challenged children.

We visit one of their centers in Cairo and make a modest contribution for the education of mentally challenged children.

NameCaritas Egypt, Mataraya centerAimTo help ...