Vision for the lost souls ministries

Vision for the lost souls, Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya. December 7th, 2009

The Vision for the Lost Souls orphanage in Nairobi is well managed and has received considerable media attention. The director is also supporting a school in Ciongombé.

We hold a sensitizing session for 187 kids and show them a movie with our pocket projector.

Name Vision for the lost souls ministries, Ciangombé, Nairobi, Kenya
Aim to offer a perspective to the children in the Ciangombé slum
Since 2008
Staff people
People reached 83 pupils learn in the school, 20 are resident and 28 live in an associated shelter; 187 children attend our sensitizing session
50,000 people live in the community
Contact Duncan Ndegwa
PO Box 283-00300
Ronald Ngara
Nairobi Kenya
Donation 17,000 KES (225 USD)

Duncan Ndegwa’s mission is to offer a perspective to the children in the Ciangombé slum of Nairobi. Every morning he brings 28 children to the school here using an old van. He sold he fancy car last year to finance the project.

For sustainable funding, this school is dependent on the contributions of church members, parents, and the proceedings from his own concerts as a gospel musician.

Duncan is glad to show me around the compound, pointing out the urgent needs and the work that has already been done. We walk over the wet muddy ground and I smile at the many children cheering at me “how are you?” I follow Duncan and ask some questions as we go along.
The compound consists of the orphanage called “208 Children Care”. Currently there are 28 children resident. The actual school is called “Deys Junior Academy”. They have recently purchased a plot for a new building to accommodate orphans, but are waiting for the funding to erect it (about 10,000 USD). Currently, orphans live in the families of church members, but it is a burden for those families and they aren’t able to accommodate them in the long run. The same applies to a classroom, that has to be plastered and furnitured (500 USD).

My budget doesn’t allow me to give substantial support for the housing issue, but I offer to buy some sets of schoolbooks because in some classes they are simply lacking. This will be my prime donation to the school.


Meanwhile, 187 children have gathered in the church (imagine a large iron plate hall with a gable roof and a wooden cross on the wall) and we start our show. Willys does a good job once again sensitizing them about their rights. We incorporate a role play this time, and I willingly play the part of the bad uncle trying to create a visual and lasting illustration of what we call child abuse, and the actual abusers most probably label “discipline measure” or “just punishment”. A child volunteers to be “abused” by me and I pretend slapping him by moving my hand towards him and spanking my own thighs. Our event is a great success, even before we hand out sweets and show an attractive children movie.

We will be back to repeat this event even bigger. Three hundred children fit in the church…

With Willys and the children

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