We are Miru, Kamiel and Yeon Choi, a family of writers.

Yeon is a theatre designer, graphic artist and published author. Kamiel is a philosopher and a poet. Miru is their daughter.

Miru and Kamiel form the duo ‘Struikeltje’ (Stumbleine) which performs and publishes poetry for adults and children. They are currently working on our third collaborative book, The fly at the tip of your tongue filled with funny, serious, hilarious, sensitive, conceptual and silly poems and spectacular illustrations.

The name Struikeltje goes back to the 2021 Dutch collection of 50 poems for all ages, illustrated by Miru. There is also an English version available (let us know what you think!). In 2020 they published In onze rivier (in our river), also a collection of 50 funny poems and songs.

For adults, Kamiel published the poetry collection ‘Tiktaalik‘ and is preparing his second volume, ‘Klein verzet’ (low gear rebel).

Kamiel also wrote the novel ‘Kalim I’ and is working on the next one, ‘2030’, as well as some short stories about truth and justice in our increasingly digitized society.

Kamiel also writes Dutch poetry reviews for Meander magazine.

Yeon published several travel books in Korean. She is currently working on a collection of essays.


i am my mother’s compliments the heat of her clapping hands compassion on an infinite vacation
In a world where aging backwards is possible, aging forwards becomes sexy.
tring tring * "Hallo?" - "Met de kindermishandeling. Wat is uw vraag?" "Onze Sven is het enige jongetje in de klas zonder blauwe plekken, en nu wordt hij heel erg uitgelachen op school." - "We hebben vanmiddag om 5 over half vier nog een plekje voor een uitgebreid consult." "Oh, dat is een pak van ...
Das Ich ist ein Stück Welt.
De dood
"Je krijgt te horen dat" De brief valt op de mat. Geld, gezondheid - wat? De dood is een zwart gat.
This blog is discontinued, but the author is stil alive at kamielchoi.com