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workingmiruDear screen gazer,

I am sharing here what I choose to create. Insofar as creating is a choice. You are free to use anything you find here as you please. Remember the mantra of the information age that ideas become more valuable when shared. You are welcome.

I am writing about poetry, political activism, the sharing economy, philosophy, and my daughter Miru on my English blog.

For Dutch poetry, essays, stories, excerpts and polemics, go to the Dutch section of this site, Kom, rijm.

German aphorisms, poetry, jokes and a philosophy dissertation are on denkentutnichtweh.

I also run the “geek connection” and you can hire me.
Want something more beautiful? Please visit the websites of my wife Yeon and daughter Miru.

... is not that working over the Internet allows us to survive without becoming captives of the infinite growth System. Revolutionary is that we can earn well enough online to extract resources from that System and use them to build a sustainable, resilient, steady-state economy -