slide1Hello, we are Yeon and Kamiel Choi. Together, we are Creative Choice.

We like writing prose, polemics and poetry, taking photographs, drawing, traveling, playing the role of funky parents to our Miru, binge watch nesting flickers and silly wordplay.

We can help you with your web site, translate your texts between English, German, Dutch, Korean, Spanish, and French, draw your portrait, apply refreshing philosophical thought to make your project stand out, and a host of other creative stuff.

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From our Blogs

The poet has the high command He lines up his cavalry of tin words In the beginning he polished them He was still learning at the time Now the poet is the barbarian who changed clothes with their general And then orders them to charge at him and there they come - How sweet their ...
Great was that chase with the hounds for the unattainable meaning of the world. And now I am ready to keep running When the sun rises beyond the borderlands of death. - Czesław Miłosz
The Gods are Back
The gods are back, companions. Right now they have just entered this life; but the words that revoke them, whispered underneath the words that reveal them, have also appeared that we might suffer together. - René Char
Dan komen de miertjes!
Hoe en wanneer moet je je kind voorlichten over de tijdelijkheid van ons bestaan? Zolang je voor het ouderschap nog geen diploma nodig hebt en er geen verplichte handboeken zijn moet iedere ouder dat voor zichzelf uitmaken. Nog staat er geen straf op wanneer we ons kroost te vroeg bekend maken met de verschijnselen van ...
For though I'm small, I know many things, and my body is an endless eye through which, unfortunately, I see everything. - Gloria Fuentes
In my mind I have created a garden populated with insects who don't bite and birds who don't shit on my paper when I write there is a lily pond, with frogs who know Bach However, they keep quiet. This is my refuge where nothing pierces through the surface every ripple is merely the smile ...
Person of color
A person of color walks into a bar he gets seated on a prominent stool and whispers "triple scotch please" the bartender, who since the unfortunate event two weeks ago, is a person of color too, says right away sir and pours his drink and Nina sings Nina Simone was a person of color, too. ...
Met de fiscus heb ik een relatie die door avontuurlijke theologen interessant genoemd zou kunnen worden. Ziet u: ik betaal graag belasting. Duizend euro meer op een jaar is voor mij geen enkel probleem, mits de mij toegezonden documentatie een bijsluiter bevat in normale grotemensentaal die uitlegt "waar ik aan toe ben." De communicatie met ...
In Vegas and Macau they have fake Eiffel towers. Smaller of course than the original in Paris. They are there to invoke Paris. The Eiffel tower is 324 meters high I learned that number in school. One day someone will build a taller one in Shanghai or Dubai or Doha or such place Years will amplify ...