Peuan Mit

Vientiane, Laos. June 3th, 2010

Peuan Mit (“strong friends”) in Lao, supports former street children with vocational training. They run a restaurant themselves that serves delicious food.

We donate what we have left of our Lao KIP, following the suggestion of

Name Peuan Mit through
  • to reintegrate the children into their society (family, school, job, culture, citizenship)
  • to prevent children from having to work and/or to live on the streets
  • to build the capacity of the Lao Government to address the street children issue in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Since: established 2004 by friends international
People reached Peuan Mit is currently working with 50 to 100 children a day within 5 projects.

Donation 50 USD

We decide to stay another day in Vientiane. Bustickets to Savannaketh were sold out, and we were stuck here. Luckily, we had picked up the terrific free guidebook “stay another day” ( that profiles a number of nonprofits and local business in Luang Prabang and Vientiane that are absolutely worthwhile.

Peuan Mit (meaning “strong friends in Lao” is a Vientiane-based organization educating street children. Their vocational training programs include a mechanics workplace and a restaurant.

The menu of Makphet, the restaurant of Peuan Mit, looks very promising and we order a few things from the menu. We are stunned by the professional attitude of the waiters, that have been street kids not so long ago.

They also sell beautiful handicraft made by the mothers of the children taken on by Peuan Mit.

Two horses, made by women working with Peuan Mit

We donate what we have left in Laos currency, it’s about fifty dollars. But it can support a child’s education for a year. If you have another day and some spare change in your pocket, this we encourage you to do something similar.

As for restaurants run by former street children, you can find them in other countries too:

“friends” restaurant in Phnom Phen
“KOTO” restaurant in Hanoi

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