There are a number of reasons why you might want to contact us.

  1. You would like us to create something similar to one of the Creative Choice websites;
  2. You would like to let us help you translate your texts into Dutch, German, or Korean;
  3. You would like to co-operate by writing for a Creative Choice site, and exchange guest posts;
  4. You are interested in placing a link or advertising on one of our sites;
  5. You are simple fascinated by our writing and want to say thank you.

Whatever your motives, we’d love to hear from you. The fastest way would be to send an e-mail to kamiel [at]

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi!

    I saw that you mentioned Workaway in your post “Non-destructive Travel | Creative Choice”.

    I’m the creator of, it’s a similar platform, but differs in that it’s completely free to use for all members, and the map-based interface makes it really easy to find hosts and travellers.

    You can read more about me and Hippohelp in this article from The Global Now:

    Please consider adding the site to your post, I’m sure it would be of great value to your readers 🙂

    Leopold Huber

    1. Hi Leopold,

      Great to learn about hippohelp; this is what the world needs! I’d gladly cooperate with you!
      – I can write an article on the Dutch site I am an editor of
      – I can join forces with the platform I created “” (free volunteering listing by map, curated by independent volunteers cutting out the middle man.)
      – Do you know
      – I’d love to Skype about these things, bin selber (Wahl)Berliner also auch Deutsch



  2. Hi Kamiel,

    Are you Dutch like I am as you write for (nice website, very graphical, simple and appealing to continue to browse articles).

    Have you ever heard of Hovos (, a website similar to WorkAway and HelpX and Wwoof and Hippohelp.
    I started Hovos a bit due to the same frustration as Leopold who bought a piece of land in China where he needs a lot to be done. We bought a former coal mine estate on the Spanish island Mallorca and had the same problem: there is always sooo much to do and you can’t hire professionals for everything. So we created The timing was quite right as we had just sold our former global home exchange website to a competitor and we wanted to have another project to work on. So we chose a website for this niche market (which could change I predict).

    Take a look at our website and maybe you can write about it?

    Our own project here on Mallorca is also listed and I keep a blog within and write every week at least 1 new article about the projects which are going on here. Our former coal mine is called La Mina San Cayetano and I am not bluffing when I state that this is a unique and exceptional place. Look for yourself and visit our blog at .

    Greetings from Mallorca.

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