There are a number of reasons why you might want to contact us.

  1. You would like us to create something similar to one of the Creative Choice websites;
  2. You would like to let us help you translate your texts into Dutch, German, or Korean;
  3. You would like to co-operate by writing for a Creative Choice site, and exchange guest posts;
  4. You are interested in placing a link or advertising on one of our sites;
  5. You are simple fascinated by our writing and want to say thank you.

Whatever your motives, we’d love to hear from you. The fastest way would be to send an e-mail to kamiel [at]

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi!

    I saw that you mentioned Workaway in your post “Non-destructive Travel | Creative Choice”.

    I’m the creator of, it’s a similar platform, but differs in that it’s completely free to use for all members, and the map-based interface makes it really easy to find hosts and travellers.

    You can read more about me and Hippohelp in this article from The Global Now:

    Please consider adding the site to your post, I’m sure it would be of great value to your readers 🙂

    Leopold Huber

    1. Hi Leopold,

      Great to learn about hippohelp; this is what the world needs! I’d gladly cooperate with you!
      – I can write an article on the Dutch site I am an editor of
      – I can join forces with the platform I created “” (free volunteering listing by map, curated by independent volunteers cutting out the middle man.)
      – Do you know
      – I’d love to Skype about these things, bin selber (Wahl)Berliner also auch Deutsch



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