Fleeing from North to South
Boat refugees are a common phenomenon: Every few weeks the news of a vessel trying to make it to Italian or Canary shores reaches us northern Europeans. The direction of the refugees is always south to north (with the exception of Australia of course, that is dealing with desperate newcomers from the north).

Of ...
July 1. Still in Malaysia.
Summer is well underway and we crash into a Malaysian July, about to leave the northern hemisphere and turn things around. My memory of this day is faded, but I think we have visited an huge cave complex, photographed the golden statue with restless pigeons swarming around it. And the stray monkeys clambering on the ...
Myanmar Child Refugees School
Myanmar Child Refugees SchoolKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 1st, 2010
Every year, a number of political refugees from Myanmar make it across the border with Thailand and further into Malaysia. Their children are semi legalized but aren't entitled to basic services. A private initiative offers them education and safety from traffickers.

Occasionally, ...
Migrant Worker televisionSeoul, Korea. April 15th, 2010An independent television channel operated by migrant workers from several Asian nations aimed at supporting their nationals who are employed in South Korea.

We visit their center and make a small contribution.

NameMigrant Worker Television, Seoul, South KoreaAim"gathering the voices of migrant workers in Korea and ...
Philipino household workers
Philipino migrant workers' shelter, AmmanAmman, Jordan. November 17th, 2009The living condition for Philipino migrant workers in Jordan is so bad that the embassy had to put up a shelter for them.

We support some Philipino migrant workers with their medication.

NameEmbassy of the Philippines to Jordan / support and shelter for distressed ...
Bourj El-Barajneh
Bourj El-Barajneh refugee camp, Beirut, LebanonNovember 12th, 2009Bourj El-Barajneh refugee camp has been established in 1955l. The living condition of many life-long refugees in the refugee camp are horrible.

We support three patients with much needed medicine and a contribution to their hospital fees.

NameBourj El-Barajneh. Palestinian refugee camp, Beirut.AimTo help ...
Caritas Syria
Aleppo, Syria. November 5th, 2009Caritas helps Iraqi refugees, irrespective of their religion. They have fled the Mosul area of northern Iraq because of ethnic violence. They are not allowed to work in Syria and are often struggling to survive.

We make a little donation and visit two families.

NameCaritas France / support ...