Book Publishing – Traversing Africa
Book Publishing - Traversing Africa
29. September 2011. Rabat / Seoul
Yeon and Kamiel have decided to work from different locations for a little while. Yeon will be promoting her book about Charity Travel in South Korea the coming month, while Kamiel will try to travel from Morocco to Kenya overland on a budget. If ...
Holy Cross Hospice
Holy Cross Hospice Gaborone, BotswanaGabarone, Botswana. February 22th, 2010
The Holy Cross Hospice in Gaborone provides care and support to the terminally ill and patients with life limiting illnesses, orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), and their families and caregivers in Gaborone.

NameHoly Cross Hospice, Gaborone, BotswanaAimProviding care and support to the terminally ...
Kagisano Women’s shelter project / jewelry workshop
Kagisano Women's shelter projectGabarone, Botswana. February 21th, 2010
Kagisano provides shelter for abused women and supports them with vocational training. One of their projects is a paper maché jewelry workshop in Gaborone.

We visit the workshop and make a donation to provide some supplies for the handicraftproject.

NameKagisano Women's shelter project / ...
Oasis Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010
Oasis works with street children in Harare, Zimbabwe giving them a brighter future and keeping them on the right track.

We support Oasis with a donation and assist in a hip hop workshop for the kids.

NameOasis, Harare, ZimbabweAimTo assist the street children of Harare: ...
Streets Ahead
Streets Ahead, Harare, ZimbabweHarare, Zimbabwe. February 15th, 2010Streets Ahead supports at risk street children in Harare by offering them emergency shelter, workshops like Capoeira, and vocational training like basket weaving and candle making.

We visit streets ahead and exchange ideas with its friendly director; we support this cause with a donation.

NameStreets ...
Terra Nova
Terra Nova, Beira, MocambiqueBeira, Mozambique. February 7th - 9th, 2010Terra Nova is a unique social business, set up by a young French woman, producing compost by recycling urban market waste in Beira, Mocambique.

We help building a shelter for the local workers at the project site, and translating for their website.

Cultural Center Muodjo
Maputo, Mozambique. February 2nd - 4th, 2010Muodjo's mission it o assist vulnerable children and develop their cultural abilities, with special focus on streets children and orphans.

We supply materials for an exhibition they organize with pictures the children drew.

NameMuodjo Cultural Center, Maputo rural area, MozambiqueAimTo assist vulnerable children and develop their ...
Rainbow Community Excellence Center
In a small village near Kisumu, we have built an orphanage together with our Kenyan friends. Charity Travel provided building materials and wages for the workers. Many local and international volunteers helped out. Thanks! More than the foundation had been done after 2 weeks A small community can have a great vision. When we traveled ...
Zion Assembly Church of God
Nairobi. Kenya. December 13th, 2009The Zion Assembly Church of God invites us and our Kenyan friends to tell about 100 children about their rights not to be abused.

Apart from the workshop, we also provide a meal for the children.

NameZion Assembly Church of GodAimChildren's Rights Sensitizing and Sustainable Feeding ProgramSince2000Staff12 people ...
Vision for the lost souls ministries
Vision for the lost souls, NairobiNairobi, Kenya. December 7th, 2009The Vision for the Lost Souls orphanage in Nairobi is well managed and has received considerable media attention. The director is also supporting a school in Ciongombé.

We hold a sensitizing session for 187 kids and show them a movie with our pocket projector.

Joy Valley Orphanage
Joy Valley is a struggling extremely poor orphan home and informal school in a slum area of Nairobi. Children are underfed, the school is treatened with closure by the government. We visit the orphan home several times, sensitize the children, and support money for sustainable income generation: a chicken coop, a sewing machine. Jared Otieno ...