Project HOPE
Project Hope, Ubud, BaliBali, Indonesia. July 2nd - 15th, 2010.
Myanmar Child Refugees School
Myanmar Child Refugees SchoolKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. July 1st, 2010
Every year, a number of political refugees from Myanmar make it across the border with Thailand and further into Malaysia. Their children are semi legalized but aren't entitled to basic services. A private initiative offers them education and safety from traffickers.

Occasionally, ...
Forest Voices
Forest Voices, SarawakKuala Lumpur, Malaysia. June 30th, 2010
Forest Voices documents the knowledge of the indigenous people of Sarawak, who have always lived with the forest and use it to empower them and reverse the trend of logging before it is too late.

We support with a small donation, our old camera, and some ...
Freeland Foundation
Bangkok, Thailand. June 22nd, 2010We spend Earth Day planting mangroves at the Khlong Pittayalongkorn School. With a small team of volunteers we give 350 saplings their place in the muddy waters south of Bangkok. The mangrove coast is home to a unique ecosystem that would perish if the trees disappeared.

Name:Freeland Foundation, Bangkok, ...
KNGO CambodiaBatambang, Cambodia. June 17th - 20th, 2010
Sao Sary Foundation
Sao Sary FoundationKampong Speu, Cambodia. June 16th - 18th, 2010SSF (Sao Sary Foundation)'s mission is to "to identify at risk children and provide sustainable assistance to both the children and their families"

We do some workshops with the children and support three poor families buying them cows for sustainable income generation.

NameSao ...
Saigon Children’s Charity
Saigon's Children CharityHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam. June 15th, 2010SCC supports children of empoverished families with a scholarschip program and cooperates with a number of local schools in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

We support three children and do some interesting labor at a school in the city: we clean up schoolbooks with erasers ...
Peuan Mit

Vientiane, Laos. June 3th, 2010Peuan Mit ("strong friends") in Lao, supports former street children with vocational training. They run a restaurant themselves that serves delicious food.

We donate what we have left of our Lao KIP, following the suggestion of

NamePeuan Mit through stay-another-day.orgAim
to reintegrate the children into their society ...
COPE Laos, VientianeVientiane, Laos. June 2nd, 2010We visit the good museum at the COPE center and learn about the results of cluster bombs. COPE helps victims of "bombies" that are sadly still prolific in remote areas of Laos, to get a tailor made artificial leg.

We have donated four legs.

NameCOPE Laos, ...
Muang Sing, Laos. May 20th - 23rd, 2010The butterfly children's center in Muang Sing, northern Laos, provides scholarships to children and functions as a drop-in center for underprivileged children.

We buy stationary for the center, do workshops with the children, and make a monetary donation.

NameButterfly Children Development Center and School, Muang ...
Leisurely riding a tricycle and donating it to a merchant afterwards.
Go Give Concept, Lijang, ChinaLijang, China. May 19th, 2010We buy a tricycle to discover the beautiful area around touristic town of Lijang. With sow-capped mountains in the background and a fresh breeze, pedaling is a delight.

We then find a poor merchant and donate her the bicycle to enhance her livelihood.

Sichuan Quake Relief
Chengdu, China. May 6th, 2010SQR (Sichuan Quake Relief) was founded by Peter Coff and other expats living in Chengdu immediately after the devastating 2008 earthquake. They deliver smart aid to the disaster regions.

We support SQR with a donation.

NameSichuan Quake ReliefAimMission statement: "Sichuan Quake Relief (SQR) is a non-profit, humanitarian organisation ...
Migrant Worker televisionSeoul, Korea. April 15th, 2010An independent television channel operated by migrant workers from several Asian nations aimed at supporting their nationals who are employed in South Korea.

We visit their center and make a small contribution.

NameMigrant Worker Television, Seoul, South KoreaAim"gathering the voices of migrant workers in Korea and ...
Hong Kong CAN
Hong Kong, China. April 9th, 2010
Clean Air Network (CAN) is a network bringing together and amplifying the voices of individuals, groups and organizations and together we urge the Government to act immediately to clean our air.

We visit CAN during our stopover in Hong Kong and support the initiative with some publicity.