Misa village
Poor family in Misa Village, CairoThe Misa Village is within sight of the Pyramids, yet poverty is ubiquitous here.

We decide to support one family on the eve of an important religious celebration and by shoes for the children.

Namefamily in Misa village near GizaAimTo allow a destitute muslim family to celebrate ...
Caritas Egypt
Caritas Egypt, CairoNovember 28th, 2009Caritas Egypt does community outreach in empoverished areas of Cairo. They provide cheap healthcare and vocational training for marginalized and mentally challenged children.

We visit one of their centers in Cairo and make a modest contribution for the education of mentally challenged children.

NameCaritas Egypt, Mataraya centerAimTo help ...
Groups for Peace
Groups for Peace, Ramallah, Palestinenear Ramallah, Palestinian Territories. November 23th, 2009The Groups for Peace is a grassroots organization promoting the culture of peace by educating the local children through regular sessions.

Charity Travel supports the Peace Groups with a donation and the action "Peace of Fruit", distributing fruits to school children who express their ...
Daughters of Charity
Bethlehem, Israel/Palestine. November 24th, 2009Daughters of Charity is an orphan home providing shelter for children irrespective of their religion. They also support female victims of domestic violence.

We make a small donation.

NameDaughters of Charity BethlehemAimTo take care of maltreated, orphaned, undernourished, abused, or abandoned children from the Palestine territoriesSince1883Staff45 people work ...
Philipino household workers
Philipino migrant workers' shelter, AmmanAmman, Jordan. November 17th, 2009The living condition for Philipino migrant workers in Jordan is so bad that the embassy had to put up a shelter for them.

We support some Philipino migrant workers with their medication.

NameEmbassy of the Philippines to Jordan / support and shelter for distressed ...
Bourj El-Barajneh
Bourj El-Barajneh refugee camp, Beirut, LebanonNovember 12th, 2009Bourj El-Barajneh refugee camp has been established in 1955l. The living condition of many life-long refugees in the refugee camp are horrible.

We support three patients with much needed medicine and a contribution to their hospital fees.

NameBourj El-Barajneh. Palestinian refugee camp, Beirut.AimTo help ...
Caritas Syria
Aleppo, Syria. November 5th, 2009Caritas helps Iraqi refugees, irrespective of their religion. They have fled the Mosul area of northern Iraq because of ethnic violence. They are not allowed to work in Syria and are often struggling to survive.

We make a little donation and visit two families.

NameCaritas France / support ...
ACEV, East TurkeyIstanbul, Turkey. October 23th, 2009ACEV (Mother Child Education Foundation) fights illiteracy in rural Turkey. They are represented in many cities such as Diyarbakir, Adana, Istanbul.

We visit ACEV in Istanbul and Adana, and donate to their literacy programs.

NameAÇEV (Mother Child Education Foundation)AimTo create equal opportunity in education for all ...