April 30. Quito.

The bus takes me straight to Quito where I contact my couchsurfing host. She agrees upon me bringing a Norwegian girl that wants to try the thing out. That Norwegian girl didn’t fall from the sky; I met her in the bus to Quito her name is Anne. She has been working with young children in Brazil, somewhere between Rio and Sao Paolo, and does a round of traveling before she heads home. She plays basketball and I look up to her. We have to wait for Violeta, the couchsurfing host, to come home but when she does she is incredibly hospitable, as hosts usually are. You know how enthousiastic I am about the thing. We take a bus to see some of the old town. Nice colonial squares. Nice city, nicely situated between the hills. I like that you can see the countryside, the hillside that is from the center of the capital. It is possible from a few capitals on our planet. Can you figure out which ones (three points).

We have a very good steak in a restaurant.
We share a bottle of wine before we all go to bed.

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