June 21. Recording…

We check in a real hotel because we have a mission: recording a demo video for a TED-talk. I am applying to hold a 18-minute TED presentation with an independent TED event in Perth, Australia, and they requested a demo video. Putting away my self pride, that would have me waiting for them to follow me with a camera or put a mic under my nose, I take that video very seriously. Against the backgdrop of a mid-range hotel, decorated with schoolbook pictures and Thai words, I go through the presentation three times, improving slightly with each try. Yeon records everything and I upload it early in the morning, to be scrutinized by the people in Perth. It has taken us the evening and most of the night, the upload happens early in the morning.

Leisure is a swimming pool, and the idea is brilliant: overlooking the rooftops in the vicinity of the infamous sin street of Bangkok, a swimming pool. We jump in, together with our inflatable duck.

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