June 27. K.L.

We don’t get up too early, and stretch the morning. You know what I mean, just being without pretentions.

In the afternoon, we attempt to hitchhike towards Kuala Lumpur, and our first few lifts are easy. They take us to the right gas station where we could try to get a lift.

A nice muslim man, highschool biology teacher, offers us a ride to the bus station and to purchase our bus tickets. I am overwhelmed but don’t turn down such a friendly offer, feeling that giving him the opportunity to help has some intrinsic value as well, plus I would reciprocate by diverging the equivalent amount into the charity travel budget. The man, who was together with his sun, has a gentle smile and and kind, funny eyes. At the bus station, where he shows us our bus, we thank him and give him my namecard. I hope he contacts us. The busride was convenient as the bus leaves with empty seats allowing me to stretch out and doze off.
The first glance of KL is as surreal as I have expected. Big concrete structures made shiny and transparent as usual contrasting to whatever profit-generating dodgy businesses house inside them. We walk around with tired eyes and when we are about to take a taxi to take us to a safe hotel, we arrive at a big field where two public viewing screens are reiterating the games already played in the world cup. Argentina-Mexico was on at 2:30 so we decided to stay up…

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