June 20. Family!

We have agreed to meet my cousin Ingeborg and her daughter Alycia, whom I meet for the first time. She is a very cute and precocious child of one year and a few months.

We need to record a video tomorrow, but lack the equipment. A taxi brings us to a massive electronics mall, where we browse some shops and ask personnel about rental services for projectors and video cameras. In vain, of course, they are just retailers and don’t really understand the question. I give up the idea to record with a real video camera and decide to record with the camera. At least for the sound we buy an extra microphone – of cheap Chinese quality – that will enable me to play with something during the presentation and cover up my jitters.

We stay a second night in our tiny guesthouse, because we don’t bother changing and we like the lady downstairs who handed us the key.

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