December 1. Touchdown in Nairobi.

The plane touches down in Nairobi. It’s a new month, and a new continent. Immigration issues are swiftly dealt with; I learn they lowered the price for a visa to 25 dollars to attract more tourists. In the entrance hall the first thing I do is talking to a stranger, and after I made him clear I am not exactly here for tourism he gives me the number of a minister operating a school for the underpriviledged in one of the shantytowns here. I offer the stranger a cup of coffee and call Willys, my contact in this city. He is already on his way to pick me up. On a bumpy busride to the humble dwelling where he is living with his two friends Pony and Geoff, we explain each other about our activities – it turns out our concepts and sentiments are more than compatible and I am looking forward to working together. But today is for sleeping. Willys shows me the bed and I dream away, happy about my more than successful arrival here in Kenya. Tomorrow we’ll do our first sensitizing program in an orphanage.

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