December 3. Sensitizing and Awareness in a slum school

Today, we repeat what we did yesterday in Duncan’s school. He comes to pick us up with his rickety minivan (later he’ll tell me he sold his fancy car to build up the school) and we drive to an other part of the city, to a slum with streets of mud and shacks made of iron plates.

We walk towards the school where Duncan shows us around and explains how they are operating on their low budget. They are constructing a  new classroom but the money had run out in the process; they had just bought a plot of land where they plan to construct a new shelter for some orphans that are currently living with families from the church community. I sit down with Duncan because I have seen enough and want to make a donation.
“How about school books?” I ask.
The teachers explain me they only have a teacher’s copy, and for some classes not even that. I decide to contribute for some sets of school books here, and give them a cash donation straight away. No bureaucracy involved, and full accountability. Next time we will see the books they will buy.

We show the movie in the church, a large iron plate hall. It is not dark enough to have a good view, but the kids get the idea. Next time we’ll be back here and perform for 300 kids.

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