december 6. Going to Church.

A lazy sunday morning. Then we go to church together. Four boys walking through the sunny streets of Kayole with bibles under their arms. I feel it would make a good picture, and it also reminds me of the… Beatles.

In the afternoon I decide to work in the cybershop to tell my friends in such far away places like Holland or Germany that I am alright. During our online bible study they ask how things are over here, and although I try not to distract too much from our bible study, I don’t lie about how serious things are over here. They worry, but I try to assure them, theses online sessions help me greatly by taking me away from it all for a while.

Electricity had broken down that morning and they had closed the shop. Despite power being back again, we find it still closed and wait for a boy rushing in on a light motorbike to open it for us. I work for five hours straight and still feel like nothing has been done.

In the evening we are invited at the pastor’s place for a traditional Kenyan meal which I enjoy very much. I can eat Ugali with my hands now and scoop up the meat with a chunk of the white stuff. I can feel my fatigue though and have a hard time suppressing a yawn. It is great to feel the hospitality of this family and I am really happy to be here. We decide to do the more serious talking with the pastor (about my project) later.

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