August 4. Rainy day writing and a dialogue.

Staying overnight in coffee place, trying to work, trying to write until getting tired, walking to
the Red Square waiting for Daniela she comes later and we miss each other, going back to writing, listening to Piazolla on an mp3-player, meeting Ann again and having a very nice dinner with friends. Stop, present continuous, that is enough, I can take it over now. So, we go to a very nice restaurant with a dining room upstairs breathing the atmosphere of an old Russian landhouse. They serve real Russian dishes, it is really tasty and I feel so happy about m
eeting Ann and her friends again. It is kind of inevitable: after going around the world once I have to run into the same people again. And they are still there! Living meaningful lifes, creating stories just like I do. Now I have learned that the world is indeed getting smaller.
After dinner Ann takes me to Leningradskaya and we say goodbye. I buy a ticket for St. Petersburg and wait for my train that leaves from Kurskaya station. Everything has once again turned out just fine.
Short dialogue, don’t make too much of it:
Victor and Anna are going to spend a day together. Spending a da
y together is, in our culture of individualism, a matter of organization. What will they both gain from it? That is a question that has to be addressed. A day is a valuable asset, after all. When it is not carefully organized she will take control over you and you might digress from your chosen path. A day is like a sorbet. And tell me, if you share a sorbet t
ogether, do you insist on choosing at least some of the flavors yourself? And perhaps you need gluten-free or low-fast or kosher your sorbet? And a sorbet is something very simple, compared to a day.
Victor: “What do you want to do with our day?”
Anna: “Oh, I am so glad we have this day together.”
Victor: “You are?”
Anna: “Yes, I am. And please believe me and don’t question it like last time.”
Victor: “So, then, let’s not wast time and decide what we do with her. We have about twelve hours left.”
Anna: “I am so looking forward to it, aren’t you?”
Victor: “Yes… uhm, sure… yes, I am too. Shall we go for a picknick?”
Anna: “That sounds good. Yes, let’s do that.”
Victor: “Are you sure? I mean, it was just the first thing that popped to my mind. We can consider alternatives too.”
Anna: “No, I think it is a good idea. We can bring the berries your mother brought us.”
Victor: “My mother didn’t bring us berries this year. Her plants have been sick. I thought you knew that.”
Anna: “O, but then we can bringt the cheese my father brought us last weekend.”
Victor: “That is a good idea.”

Anna: “What are you thinking?”
Victor: “Why?”
Anna: “You look so…. so thinking?”
Victor: “I am contemplating about a line of poetry.”
Anna (giving him a kiss) “That is so attractive!”
Victor: “Yes, yes, thank you very much. What else should we bring?”
Anna: “What was that line you were thinking about?”
Victor: “Couldn’t we just prepare the picknick?”
Anna (kissing him again) “Okay.”
They pack together everything they need and drive to a sunlit hillside. It is very pretty and the grass stands high.
Anna: “Thank you for taking me here.”
Victor: “Have some cheese.”
Anna: “I feel so… so close to you. It is a nice day.”
Victor: “I also feel close to you, Anna.”
Anna: “In two years the child will be there. Isn’t that a beautiful idea?”
Victor: “Yes, very beautiful.”
Anna: “O Victor!” (lays her head in his lap)
Victor (watching his wristwatch) “It’s time to go home.”
Anna: “We are so close, aren’t we?”
Victor: “Definitely. I think it was a very nice day.”
Anna: “O yes, it was wonderful. I always think it is a miracle, that two people can share a day and both find it wonderful.”
Victor: “Yes, that might be a miracle.”
Anna: “Our love is forever, don’t you think Victor?”
Victor: “Yes, forever and ever. It gets dark soon.”
Anna (kissing him) “Then drive me home my responsible gentleman.”
They drive back to the apartment and go to bed with utter satisfaction sleeping in between them.

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