August 21. Falafel with chopsticks.

Berlin and getting organized. Don’t be sad or angry at yourself when you lose a certain capacity. For instance, I want to copy a key today and ask for a Schlösser. Wrong: the poor guy is called Schlosser. How could I make such a mistake? The truth is I am not anywhere near perfection in any language and I am on my way to like that very much.
After copying the key (as it turns out later the guy made a mistake he took the wrong profile) I eat my falafel with chopsticks because they also sell China noodles at the place. Now THAT’S multiculturalism at work. I am so happy about it that I grin and choke as I sip my tea and the regular customers don’t seem to like me, except of course, for a little dark child that is talking in German vernacular to his Arab looking daddy.
Does writing create character? Can you assemble your character as you assemble words to phrases to paragraphs to stories to chunks of printed material we call books? Why not? What else is character? Are we not always re-writing the metaphorical tissue of our conscious behavior? And the two kinds of writing are not that different after all. Endless possibilities are waiting for us writers as soon as we take up our pencils and put the carbon tip down on the paper.

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