May 10. Guayaba cubes.

Guayaba cubes are an interesting aliment, and they go well with black coffee. After some writing, I walk to the city beach, which is not so far away. People are already spreading out and enjoying the sun. I just lay down on a rock and pondered. Am I getting old? At my age, normal people have assets; big structures with themselves in the center. Material structures, social structures, structures that clamp tightly onto the earth like big insect ligaments slowly moving as the water comes. I don’t want assets. I want humanity. I’m a guest here, a passer-by, just like everybody else. There’s no point in gathering all those structures around you. What you need is love.

I swim the Caribbean at sunset. It feels good. I feel connected with the seven seas and everything. Big waves hit my back by surprise when I dream away standing in the water. I can’t see them coming and the strap my back like a whip. Mother nature is giving me a little beating. But she’s so gentle at it, so moderate. She never exaggerates, not when it comes to a reason to punish you because she doesn’t need a reason, and not when it comes to the measure of punishment because she cannnot change that anyway. Hallucinations. Projections of the human struggle with the concept of Justice upon the receptive skin of nature. We need the concept of Justice, it follows from Consciousness which originated in Awareness of Death. We can do a good job with the concept of Justice, but we can fuck it up entirely as well. It comes only in one flavor: intentional. Justice always walks like a crippled punk behind the actual events, and out of frustration she inspires us to do a Clean Sweep every few centuries. To get rid of the frustration is to get rid of the rigid concept of intentionality, to open it up like a giant chestnut, widening our consciousness that we’re all maroons down here.

Kamiel’s Daily Karma Rule: “Take a swim in the ocean at sunset every once in a while. Try not to hallucinate.”
It makes you feel connected with the oceans and everything. You feel like you know the solutions to all the problems human minds have invented to feel they’re not redundant. You have to get out before you skin gets too soft though, and you start believing in the artificiality of the problems too much.

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