April 1. Cookies.

Gee, this guy must have a huge authority conflict. Since I am not reading this kind of feedback, I provide it myself here. It’s a common reaction. This guy is looking for something beyond authority because he is looking for something not yet infected by fear. And that something he hopes, that long thread of fearless experiences will be the priceless totem of his alleged pureness. Because of this, he is too blind to see the world.

To live for the only thing you find it’s worth living for, and be the only one who is denied that thing.

In the café, the Jarrito came with small cookies yesterday. Today, the pretty waitress offered me big cookies because she had forgotten to bring my coffee. They were tasty those big cookies. Tomorrow, I will write in the same place again, and the waitress will bring me a cup of coffee with small cookies and I will think “why not the big ones?”

All because the suffering of the other is more interesting than the pleasure of the other.

After I thought this limerick, I went to the balcony and thought this: We cannot escape.

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