April 4. Temptation.

Upon arrival in Iguazu, I checked in the first hostel I saw and booked a tourist-rip-off trip for 90 pesos called gran aventura which of course turned out to be a dull truck ride followed by a boat ride underneath the big waterfall that got us really wet. On the plus side, ran into a friendly couple that promised me to send me some pictures from their camera by email since my own camera had broken. But I will to that tour tomorrow. Today, I relaxed in the small pile (piscina) talking about the hummingbirds.
I walked around in Iguazu a little afterwards. A guy ran into me on the street and brought me to a place where I was offered a free caipirinha. He told me he had been working as a tourist “guide” since he was a kid. He receives provision from bars, restaurtants and hostel every time he brings someone there. He told me this story… he was 23 and he had become father for the first time that morning at 5am but his girlfriend had a problem with her pecho she couldn’t breastfeed the baby so he needed some money to buy milk in the supermarket and asked me for it the hospital where his girlfriend stayed was twenty blocks away yes he said she is very young a couple of years ago all fifteen year old girls were pregnant around here we had some empanadas and I gave hime some milkmoney he said thank you you are a “good man” now he could do me a favour he knew a few girls that were willing to sleep with foreign men if they invite them for dinner one of them was his cousin I said well thank you I mean it sounded tempting.

In the hostel, I spoke Spanish with a small Swiss girl called Emily who constantly smiled and told me she was going to study something social in Geneva. We slept with the fan on.

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