June 16. Working Day.

This is a working day. We take the tuk-tuk to town and go shopping. I buy all kind of stationary for KNGO, ranging from a soccer ball to a few hundred notebooks, pens, bilingual storybooks to paint supplies and buckets. It is easy to find and we are quick and efficient, I like that so much. Who says things can’t be done fast? True, assessment studies are important, but they are no alibi to procrastinate; mid-term evaluations are good but shouldn’t impede the impetus of change.

Yeon starts painting a mural on the front wall of center while I have a go at a first attempt to construct a bookshelf. I measure  and saw and hammer and make a little mistake but I won’t give up. Tomorrow, I promise when I go to bed, there will be a bookshelf and all those dusty book donations will come to life.

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