June 15. Battambang

We arrive in Battambang in the morning, where Sun Saveth picks us up with his tuktuk. He has told us that his ngo (and his family) is poor. In order to make money, he has become a tuktuk-driver. We hope to be able to support him making his small ngo sustainable. Saveth has arranged accomodation for us in a house that is being taken care of by his parents. The owner is in the US, we hear, but he can be wherever he wants to be – the house is really nice and I enjoy the homestay.

There is a newborn baby in the house, whose smallness and fragility makes me feel how precious life is, and how gifted we all are by the fact thaat we exist. IEUHEW, that sounds priestly, I know to many readers that sounds like anastalsis but they should wash their throats. Who can be helped anyway?

We meet Genie from San Franciso, the volunteer working at the center. She is going to evaluate the volunteer English teachers and facilitate them to share their experience and improve their classes. Over lunch, that is served by Saveth’s wife at the porch of the center, we discuss our possible contributions to KNGO. My mind drifts to many things we have seen and could be introduced here and we make a plan. There is not much time as we feel the gap to our next flight closing, but we are commited to make the most of it.

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