december 4. Clubbin’

We are all lazy. We get up late. We have a long breakfast. I borrow the book “enduring love” by Ian Mc. Ewan and start to read it. I also manage to write the stories of the last few days sitting at home with my laptop in my lap. I again apologize for the English sentences that are not smoothed to suit a glossy reader’s eye, alas.

At night we hit the club. Yes, it is the first time for me to dance in Nairobi and I like it. Clubs are free to enter here, a gentle searching (leaving out the perineum) is all that it takes to get up the stairs and dance all night amidst a wild crowd of friendly people. I buy a round and dance about, exhausting myself to the viral beat of “I know you want me.. you know I want you-u. Uno dos tres quatro…” and genuinely having a good time. I must say something about the way some people are dancing. Sometimes it resembles dry copulation. It’s big time rubbing of the vital parts.

We get home safe and sleep with smiling faces.

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