February 5. At the Docks again.

I went to the docks again, wanted to find out if a crossing is possible in early February. Here’s the result: no. The freighters have their European Union regulations with safety measures and every human being on board needs a certification for everything. It would take me months to do the necessary paperwork and besides, I detest it because I’m too dawn romantic. What I want is walk up onto a skipper and he asks me
“what are your skills?”
and I say
“Do you know Hemingway?”
and he says
“Yes, man, welcome on board”.

There are yachts of course, but it’s not the season, they won’t catch the right winds and streams to sail down there. So I stroke through the marine crossing plan (that didn’t really hurt me) and went to write some crap in Baixa-Chiado.

There is no other freedom
than being unleashed
pull the leash long enough
pull it like you have to
until you hear in your head
until you hear the leash snap
welcome home:
welcome homeward bound

At night Rui and I took tram 28 it’s an old car and it takes you all through the old city with great old views. It’s my recommendation for today! They are good people, Rui and Viviane, they also played plays even Fassbinder’s Tränen der Petra von Kant. Really enjoyed their hospitality.

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