February 1. Brief summary of a time seemingly lost

The timespan between the loss of my glasses in Kuala Lumpur and the now is a virtual vacuum. I don’t have the time to write a detailed document about it. The reader could look at charitytravel.blogspot.com and transsiberian.kindmankind.net. Surely, there have been a few noteworthy anecdotes and I will intertwine them with my future writing here. Australia, New Zealand were interesting in the winter; I was happy to be there as a tourist rather than a cheap laborer reaping the fruits from the trees down under. South America has been good to us too. Miami was crazy, presentation in New York interesting. Back in Europe the wedding op my brother in a castle, a presentation at a school in Amsterdam, then living in the woods south of Berlin for three months before taking the train – out of adventurous and environmental considerations – all the way through Russia towards South Korea. Of course, we supported some Causes related to the Baikal Lake and needy families in Ekaterinburg. We were very happy with a presentation in Khabarovsk before we embarked our final trip to South Korea. That’s it. Now we’re here, working on the virtual side of things, crafting a project proposal for that future project we so badly want to realize and trying to generate the income to subsist. Wish us luck.

The watercloset is one of the most disgusting inventions. Using large amounts of drinking water to dispose of our body waste, water that elsewhere in the world is a resource they fight over. The wc system is unnecessary complicated too. Try to avoid the watercloset. Where will you live? And listen to the only argument left, involving sanitation: anything less boisterous and bold than a wc would inevitably leave harmful germs within the boundaries of o

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ur living realm, like in the times of the Black Death.

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