June 13.

The guesthouse is comfortable, and we got a good night’s rest. The following morning we show up at the foundation and organize a paper maché workshop with the children. This time, there are no disasters and the little ones show their amazing creativity again.

In the afternoon, we visit several of the villages that SSF supports. They are doing poverty alleviation by sustainable donations. In our case, then we decide to donate cows to poor families, that means that the families are supervised and won’t sell the cows off to fulfill immediate desires. The concept has proven to be efficient and is so convincing that we decide to make a larger donation than usual. Yes it feels good: due to my money three families, a dozen people or more, would potentially be lifted out of poverty, the children woould have a future and education instead of falling prey to the ruthless traffickers.

The worldcup has started and we watch some soccer games at night, back at the guesthouse.

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