February 17. Victoria Falls.

Robert finally goes away, but not after we have refuelled and refilled his pockets. He turns out to be just another rich guy, bragging about his cattle and the bmw he owns in Durban, but not feeling financially responsible for the fuel guzzler he drives and has us filled up. I crunch my teeth and bail us out. Goodbye greedy rich man, the world has too many of you.

Now we can visit the Victoria Falls and it’s worth it. We both have an appetite for this amazing view, and enjoy the walk through the dense water vapor swooshing up from the world’s largest aquatic tumble.

We meet Brian and Marlene, a cool Dutch-Zimbabwean couple that just settled down near the Falls and is looking to start a guesthouse here. There is the nice coincidence that Marlene’s copy of Manon van Ossevoort’s book “On a tractor to the South Pole” (English publishers: this should be out there soon!), that I held it in my hands in Harare couchsurfing with Bruno and Thomas. The world is small.

At night, we have a nice dinner with Yeon’s friends. There is crocodile tail on the menu and I taste a piece. The elephant meat is – thank god – not available. They cook decent dishes, but what makes the evening is not the restaurant but the company. We laugh a lot and I enjoy to see something else than greed in people’s behavior.

We watch “into the wild” in our dorm room.

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