July 26. Hitchhiking #1.

Morning. I try to make coffee but forget the water. Sorry. Then we say goodbye to Vera, who has been a formidable host. Then we go hitchhiking. Getting out of Novosibirsk takes a while, we take a wrong train, wait for a minibus that takes us to the highway direction Omsk. Some hours we stand there in vain. Women come, they stand maybe hundred meters up the road, stick out their arms and get picked up after three minutes. We still stand there, venting our irritation in explicit language. We get a short ride, then it starts raining. A horse walks on the road, dragging a leash behind him. Cars stop, but they don’t stop for us. Finally a trucker who has seen us before pulls over and we are set for a ride to Omsk. We spend the night at a service station somewhere outside Omsk.

You will miss those words when I’m gone. But don’t worry I plan to be around for some more time, like 144 years. And if you don’t want to believe this is coming from a man who has two masters, a phd in philosophy and a swimming diploma, don’t. No matter how much I try to convince you, you will never believe a person can change. Because that would probably burst the concept of a person. See! See! He is talking about a “concept”, see! see! he is still the same theoretical mind. Now we don’t have a problem with that do we? Sameness can be great fun too. After all, in order to identify the sameness between two things you need at least two different perspectives.

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