May 30. Piling ’em up.

In the morning I write a bit, then I go to mall to buy the ticket. I have to pay cash but it is no problem. When I pay cash and the dollarbills are piled up on the desk at travel agency Escamilla I make a little joke:
“Can you change the destination to Las Vegas?”
The noble clerk of Escamilla smiles. He prepares my paperwork and wishes me good travels. I know the next bit of my itinerary now and that makes me feel light. I can work in the mall once again and feel good when I arrive at Amado’s place.

When I couchsurf I try to share cultures and so I ended up baking pancakes in several countries in several types of pans. Unfortunately, Amado doesn’t have a good pan and the pancakes come out like thick chunks of dough I silently swallow myself. Finally, I manage some pancakes for Amado. Now I feel good and behave frivolously again.

You remember I wrote an episode of “Sex and the City” a few months ago? I heard that ER is more popular so here is my charade of ER:

In a cosy hospital canteen Lisa and Jeffrey have lunch.
“Hey, I thought you were vegetarian?” says Lisa.
-“Do I look like a veggie?” Jeffrey replies and he imitates the roar of a lion to get his point across.
“No, no” laughs Lisa, who likes Jeffrey but can’t stand macho behavior. “It’s just, I thought you would order the meatballs.”
-“Why?” Jeffrey’s eyebrows are high up.
“Because you are a big macho man.” She pulls at the hair on Jeffrey’s arm.
-“Ouch. What are you doing?”
“Showing you that you are a big macho man. And you are supposed to eat meatballs.”
-“Why are you so interested in my balls?”
“That’s a typical macho remark. Point proven.”
Enter: Jacob, a tiny surgeon with long fingers and a dramatic crush on Lisa. He needs some information about a patient.
-“Lisa, I need you for a second.”
“Jacob!” Jeffrey yells, as his sexual glands produce all the chemicals to convince Lisa of his fitness as a partner. “Jacob, why don’t you join us?”
Jacob smiles at Lisa and ignores Jeffey.
-“I…I’m not talking to you Jeffrey. I need some information about a patient Lisa, can I talk to you please?”
“Just sit down Jacob, Jeffrey knows how to keep a secret.”
-“I swore an oath” Jeffrey says laconically.
Jacob takes a chair and tries to make up what information he is looking for. You can see him going through the possibilities, when loud screaming alarms them. A nurse is yelling:
“Emergency! We have a woman losing to much blood in childbirth! We need the best experts here.”
Jacob whispers in Lisa’s ear that he is sick of love for her, and tells her he has made a reservation in the city’s swishest upper class restaurant to the name of “Jacob Steinbeck” and she should consider it.
Then they all jump up, rush to the stretcher with the lady on it and offer their help. She is in the operation room soon.
-“We need blood. Otherwise she’ll die.” Lisa’s diagnosis is infallible. Jeffrey whispers in her ear:
“I have the same bloodtype as her, you know. I can do it.”
-“Are you sure? They are going to tap half a gallon.”
“I’m a macho man, remember.”
Lisas nods her head but let the macho give his blood to the poor lady. He gets pale quickly and when the lady is reviving, his lights go out.
Jacob, who has observed the whispering, is boiling with frustration and jealousy. He sneaks into another room and puts a syringe in his boney arm containing an undisclosed drug. It pumps him up and he gets back to operation room, where he sees pale Jeffrey and the struggling lady.
“Right in time to cut the chord and save the day” he says in a triumphant manner. The baby has already started crying and the mother smiles through her tears, ignoring everything but her baby.
-“Jacob, what’s wrong with you? Jeffrey is dying here.”
They had taken half a gallon of blood from poor Jeffrey and the macho man looks like a pale cardboard mascotte. Jacob, whose drug has provided him with boundless hybris, throws himself on the empty bed between Jeffrey and the lady, telling they should take his blood.
“For the lady?” Lisa asks him. The baby is crying.
-“No, for Jeffrey. Yes I have the same bloodtype too.” The baby cries louder than their voices.
They tap Jacob too, who passes out almost inmediately. He doesn’t recover – the blood transfusion combined with the undisclosed drug he injected in his veins earlier – it’s just too much. Jeffrey is waking up, looking at Jacob’s pale corpse, the smiling lady, and the incessantly crying baby and he shakes his head.
“Lisa, our job is done here. I see just too much of the human condition in this room.”
-“So true Jeffrey, to much of the human condition. Let’s go to a restaurant instead. I already have a reservation…”

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