June 23. Seven Lively Sins.

Let’s do nothing today! Look around a bit, peek in a bookstore, and read some theater. Walk the busy center of Seoul, observe the people moving on and off. I am shocked that Namdaemun, the “Great South Gate” has been burnt down by some lunatic protesting againt the incumbent president. It is perhaps the most important symbol of this country, and it is being reconstructed to its original state as far as possible. Tradition should be.
Seven lively sins. Here is a list of the seven traditional sins:
The first letters form the words “wasp leg”. Bzbzbzbzbzbzbzzzz – sting! sting!
We could call for some characters to impersonate the seven lively sins, and they would all talk to each other. Avarice says “hi Sloth how are you, what are you doing this weekend.” Sloth replies “o not much, actually nothing, just sleeping, hanging out. How about you?” – “I don’t know yet. I want everything.” And Gluttony says “Let’s have dinner then!” and they invite Pride too. Pride tells Envy disdainfully that he goes to a better plays. Envy him/herself ends up sharing some drinks with Wrath, whom Pride put down last week. And when they are too drunk to think Lust comes by and does them all.
But I don’t like this. We could also do something like “Seven”, the Bradpittian movie or Brecht’s “Seven deadly sins” but that has already been done. So – hey, don’t yawn, this is not supposed to be boring – I’m sorry I’m not writing about where I eat, sleep, drink and shit. I’m sorry I’m not writing about attractions and tourist treasures. Instead I’m spinning and shaking my mind like a bartender who has been drinking on the job shakes his drinks. So, what can we do about those seven lively sins? Let them go undercover and let the reader find out that it can be his neigbor? You like Unsinn? I do. Do you feel detached with the person who is writing these lines? That’s what Unsinn can do for us. It’s not easy in our society to produce pure nonsense. When you put your personality behind it, people will interpret your words in a way that they always make sense, no matter what. You cannot escape that. Even this. Parakeet, hyperblasphemian daredevil, finch pincher. There’s no escape from the industry of sense. So, let’s get back to the seven lively sins then.
Worthy art thou, o lively sin? Worthy of what? Of a feisty fling. Of no more than a second’s lust and envy of that second, envy of thy self. Dance, o lively sin! More thou want? It’s not enough? Avarice is croaching up your legs, o lively sin, there’s nowhere you could go. Yes I know: you will devour that one second, and sins will sprout from your feasting. Gluttony and sloth and pride, you will find yourself wretched o lively sin, shipwrecked and clinging to that one second that spurred your existence. Concerted you will all go down, the seven of you, and all you lively sins will yell with stark open mouths as you descent. And all of you will be big in going down but the biggest of you all will be wrath. Keep dancing as you go down thou lively sin. Thou hath enough – now we begin.

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