St Petersburg #2. Rock hard.

The next day I rolled in the snow. Why and how remains a little secret here. It caused me to be too late for the Hermitage, and I spent the afternoon writing in a cafe: business as usual. In the evening I met Marikka, the blond one, who took me to a concert of Igor, the bass guitarist. It must have been a immensely popular club, judging by the dragging and pulling outside the door. People were so eager to get in. Marikka’s name was on a list, and I got in as a friend. So here I was the second day in this Russian metropole, where I used a few more annoying seconds to read the cyrillic signs, and I already was a vip in a concert. And the concert was great. Igor superstar! Thank you, guys!

The concert really rocked, and we danced the night away.

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