To respect us, is to respect this land

20131220015642!Matisse_Les_toitsSo today I can’t write a hymn that flows well, but I want one for all the good people trying to live a life of respect for Mother Earth. Would you help me make the lyrics below sound better, express better what we aim for? Don’t worry about hurting the “author’s” feelings because there should be no one author of this text. So please change, delete, transform the lines as much as you can (use comments).
Authoring poetic texts this way might be an efficient way to deconstruct the autistic idea in our culture that individual authorship is something superior 🙂

*  *  *

But the people are owned by the land
different people, by different lands

We want the land, we want the land
we want to belong to this land
let the land decide: does it want us here?
let the land decide: who will live here?

We ask the land, we ask the land
what to grow, what to build
may we make a home on her skin?
may we live therein?
let the land decide
we are listening to her

This land needs a voice
and we are the only one

To respect us, is to respect this land

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