June 6. We didn’t Miss Saigon.

Forget to tell you we took an overnight train last night. This time, we arrive in Ho Chi Minh city, formerly known as Saigon, and I insist on walking a bit first, before we realize that we are lost and take a taxi to the Gecko bar, a place in the center where there would be a couchsurfing event that night. Yeon recognizes where we are and after a short walk we start to connect  with this city. We land in The Coffee Bean where we pass the whole morning having breakfast and working on our computers. When I feel like my ears are steaming like my amygdala intended to make another Latte Macchiato, I know it’s time to go. Fortunately, we have found our Cause on the map, and also have an idea where to look for accomodation.
And so we walk on to the office of Saigon Children’s Charity, not realizing that it’s a Sunday. We are surprised by heavy rain once again, but we make it. We can come back on Monday. Our sunday ends with a walk through HCMC, and we find a backstreet guesthouse with a very friendly owner. Clean sheets and a hot shower do good after so many overnight trains.

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