May 13. Kunming spirit.

Kunming is just another metropole, yet decidedly less intense and crowded than Chengdu and, from what we’ve heard, Chongqing. We do what we are good at and sit down in a dark coffee place, waiting for our couchsurfing host, slurping black coffee as we bend over our tiny computer screens.

Julia, our host, works for a small ngo established by a German with strong ideals, but for the moment they have run out of projects. She really helps us in finding an alternative ngo that let us support them hands-on, and she comes up with a number of interesting alternatives. PEAC, an ngo that aims to abolish pesticide use in agriculture doesn’t pick up the phone. It’s a pity because they seem very promising.
We have dinner together in a crowded place with a very low ceiling. The food tastes really delicious. And then we went home. And then we did sleepy-sleepy. Okay, I know what you think, where has the spirit gone? This guy is enjoying himself in Kunming and so what? You’re right, a little more of that vibrant straight from the spinal chord writing would do good. Or at least an impressionist description of the park we visit, with lely-covered ponds and people to stroll between them. You could rent a duckwaggon to wheel and waddle your way through the winding park roads. About the diligent butterflies roaming the flowerbeds and the shining pagoda replicas crammed with merchandise. I take a picture of three women on a bench and like the composition, not the technique though. I would have loved to shoot this one with a very serious lense.

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