March 27. Monosodium Glutamate English.

There must be an internet place, the kind of thing you and I are used to: wireless connection over coffee in a well-lit designed atmosphere, no strings attached, other than the astronomous beverage prices, but we star-gazers are willing to pay’em. I read about some candidate places in a glossy online magazine and the language they use makes me vomit. I WANT TO BAN MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE-ENGLISH. The smoothened and sweetened use of terms coined in glossy magazines, surviving as the stronger memes in the babble of metropolitan wannabees because they ressemble their own simple-mindedness. That sentence is admittedly not entirely free of it, so I have to be self-critical. But I AM self-critical, you see?

There is a place called Oz or something, nicely decorated with a big picture of Sydney’s skyline, that offers what we look for in a climatized space. We do our job and go home. We skip a dance-show that we thought to have dinner at a local eatery. Paneer cravings is what I will take home from this country, physiologically speaking.

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