October 23. Dabbling.

Taking the ferry to Eminönü, walking around the big bazaar, spotting some more mosques and working on the blogs. I like the atmosphere in this city. When I have time, I’ll write some more of that experimental stuff I used to publish here. Used to be a lot of fun.

Writing is giving up yourself, and showing who you would be in an ideal world, not a world that is the quintessence of paradise, but a world that fits seamlessly to the cravings of your imagination. Some people need that. Take me, for example, it really picks me up from whereever I get stuck and puts me back on track. Here in Istanbul I enjoy being a tourist, walking around the old structures of the city taking pictures and retreating in a coffee place all afternoon to write and communicate. And I enjoy the company of my very friendly hosts. Can’t I be brave anymore and write about real thinks instead of giving a standard tourist account? Quack. Quack. I promise I’ll dabble for something better.

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