September 28. Preparation underway.

It seems the final weeks of preparation have commenced. Charity Travel will begin mid October, I’ll most likely fly into Georgia and start talking to people there about the conflicts they live through. Perhaps I’ll find an orphanage or another genuine good work to support. But might keep my  wallet closed until Africa. I am looking forward to meeting the people of Georgia, perhaps Armenia, the Kurds of eastern Turkey, the Syrians, the Lebanese – I heard only good stories about them.
Writing in a café now, the waiter told me the project is interesting, but just like everybody else he of course does not have any real interest. I haven’t yet proven anything. And even then. O I know, I will come back after a year, full af fantastic stories about children full of hope, about saved habitats, about women with a small piece of fertile land and a perspective, about small-scale irrigation systems, about a school in rural Africa, and about Pyramids, temples, jungle, boatrides, coral reefs, beautiful landscapes, delphins, diving, and people will listen to those stories and sigh and say “yes, that would be cool” but will they also say “wait a minute! I can do that too. And I have the responsibility to spread the wealth around. To be good, whatever that be.” It will be tough and hurdles will be put up where I set foot, because I am calling to lower consumption. To lower consumption! Isn’t it a miracle that I am tolerated by blogspot, CIA, FBI, MI6, Interpol and the Worldbank?

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