August 17. Getting organized #1.

Berlin and getting organized. Sometimes I think I can’t have real interest in anything. As soon as I try to pursue who knows what, the history of the Roman Empire, a specific problem in quantum mechanics, Goethe’s Farbenlehre, Hindi, elementary astrophysics, up-to-date fysiology of the brain, Baudelaire’s poetry, an exotic class of differential equations, the problem of truth, ancient Hebrew, it all becomes a farce to me. I guess that’s because I’m operating on a low power level. By the way that’s interesting. Have you ever noticed that we all operate on our specific power level and we might or might not find people who share this? At first you start to collect symptoms of this power level thing. How often do you cut off each other? How well do you remember things? Do you walk next to each other? Who is waiting for whom? What kind of questions do you ask in everyday life? That kind of things. And the theory that fits those phenomena is the theory of power levels. If you’re very lucky, you get to talk about it with your friend and you can try to analyze on which power level you are both operating and if that is compatible, just like electrical appliances have to be compatible. You can use a 230V plug with a 220V machine, but don’t plug a 50V device. You know what I mean.
So, I spend this day in Berlin and it is only after two weeks that I come to write about it. I totally forgot by then what I have done. Did that happen to me “on the road”? No. And I know why, o yes, I know why.

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