June 21. How are you today?

“Hi, how are you today?”
-“Could have been worse.”
“How’s business?”
-“What business?”
“The forgetting business.”
-“Ah, that one. No idea.”
“You know the proverb, do you?”
“No news is good news.”
-“You got a point there.”

All we want to do is optimize. Maybe we should abandon the believe that what is optimized is always our Self. With our experience in optimizing, we could take on much greater tasks. First, let’s distinguish between a smaller self and a larger self, the larger self of course being the forgiving, giving, charity, altruistic one. Once we are aware of this distinction, we can stretch the working field of our optimization activity to our community, and eventually to mankind, the typical target of older, wiser men.

We have this delicious seafood at night, I mean, it is unbelievable. It is served by a diligent waitress on a special table, where the clams swim for a moment in a hot broth before being cut loose from their shells and eaten by three very happy people.

One thought on “June 21. How are you today?

  1. dear traveller,

    i would like to travel with you in Korea or Japan. These cultures are so different that I cannot imagine them.
    thinking of you,

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