June 17. Another day in Taipei.

Another day in Taipei. We see a real buddhist temple and people praying and worshipping. I watch their movements without being interested in the web of meaning that causes their piety. They are just chanting, waving incense sticks and bowing for their goddess. The temple seems peaceful to me. What else? It’s just another busy day in Taipei, and we are tiny ants walking on her streets. Do I understand this city? What is there to understand? This is just another modern city with Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts and Mc Donald’s. But also delicious streetfood. You should try the traditional fruit jelly. And temples. And friendly helpful people.
The lift that would have taken us all the way up the famous sawtoothed 101 tower, from which we could have enjoyed a fabulous view of this city, doesn’t operate late at night, so a nightview cocktail is not possible.

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