The Decade of Inertia

Obama was perhaps catapulted into power by nifty social media outreach and a moderately credible promise of change we can believe in.

When I look at the news, I don’t believe in ” real change” any more.

  • Isn’t the ‘outcome’ of climate conferences, such as those in Rio and Doha, always the same: empty promises by corporations, that can only be classified as delusional greedy psychopaths? Isn’t the protest, the cynicism, and the blog posts in their wake – always the same?
  • What is the difference between Mr. Morsi and Mr. Mubarak?
  • When was the last time something changed in the relationship between North and South Korea?
  • Isn’t the war in Palestine the same every year? And the outcries, haven’t they remained exactly the same?
  • Isn’t the discussion about gun control, that recently flamed up again after another horrible elementary school massacre – always the same old story.
  • Is hurricane Sandy really going to make that change in public opinion, or is it just another little wrinkle in it, that the marketeers of Chevron and BP can with no great effort iron out?
Announcing inertia

Isn’t every event that occurs in our post-something world an argument for and against whatever it is the event is about, in a dangerously equal manner?

Sure, there has been unfathomable changes thanks to the Internet, but I suspect that much of the events that seem so fundamentally disrupting the status quo, might sooner or later turn out to be nothing but the smoke of the squeaking machine of our system, that nonetheless continues to move ‘forward’, towards the materialization of its own delusion.

Will our decade we remembered so, as the era of inertia, an era in which those in power kept repeating themselves, just like those out of power – because ‘we’ have constructed a global edifice of power that is beyond the influence of politics.

Will future poets write about a sad theatre of reflexes by the powers that were, about an undivine commedia that lead to the Big Disaster?

I keep it short this time, because I am in the middle of a personal transformation. More about that later.

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