February 12. Big Brother.

Friday. What’s going on? Guess who’s back. Bruno has a list of ngo’s that work together with Volens, and we go through it. Some organisations are located in other cities like Bulawayo, but the bulk of activities takes place here. Oasis and Streets Ahead are the most suitable for our intentions.
There’s now time to waste and we head out immediately. A minibus (we are squeezed in) takes us to downtown Harare, where we just have to cross a park. We visit both ngo’s plus the Human Rights Zimrights. We make appointments with them to visit some of the sessions with the street kids. Oasis, being an international organisation, was a little bit relunctant at first because we are “drop-by” visitors. We totally understand this, although the policy demanding a police clearance (which is hard to get) keeps out more good volunteers than that it serves its purpose. We stand for: making SCREENING easy. We have the internet today, you can google someone, look at his facebook profile, look at his track record of good deeds, look for his passport number on international police websites (what, they don’t have those sites yet? Don’t tell me that), look at the videos and photos he has uploaded ever in his lifetime, look at his university diplomas in the international university database (what, they don’t have this? Which century are we living in?), look up how he is connected over three angles with trusted persons, look at his likeness with any known perpetrator, look up his medical records, look at any criminal files related to that person, look up any data associated with his fingerprint, look up retina scan resemblance with any convicts, look at the texture (don’t use “color”) of his skin
Or hers.

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