The venerated veal reared to reveal a real venereal ordeal.
In haar beschouwelijke kerstboodschap schreef bevlogen collega-columnist en Roversdochter uit het Noorden Bronja Prazdny over je afkomst en je vader als inspiratiebron, en hoe gezwellen op het internet haar zulks kwalijk namen. Een persoonlijke thematiek, net als een persoonlijke schrijfstijl die gulziger is dan 4,9 woorden per zin, werd door de semi-alfabeten niet op prijs gesteld.
"Poetry for me is not work but pleasure, not a career but a second life—a play within a play."- Peter Davison
To my child
today I stage a rebirth of my desire to see the world through your eyes if you see the flowers stare at you from their blushing fields you are like a sun to them so I invited myself to your dream and do you know mine about the thankfulness of a well, the divine right ...
A dream in the office
they hover over their plastic faces to greet you and shake you with their immaculate prosthetics do not to disturb the raging polyps of trust you came here, dressed in a thin illusion to overdose your mind on fluorescent dayshifts to do jawflips for a crustaceous boss who wanks silently under his desk in the ...
Death is not my friend
your grave is paid until the end of the decade when a yellow bulldozer comes rolling on the churchyard gravel somebody is paid to do this, paid. it won't take long, they are discreet your stone becomes the pavement on which children meet or some guy commits a heinous crime and your memory is strung ...