slide1Hello, we are Yeon and Kamiel Choi. Together, we are Creative Choice.

We like writing prose, polemics and poetry, taking photographs, drawing, traveling, playing the role of funky parents to our Miru, binge watch nesting flickers and silly wordplay.

We can help you with your web site, translate your texts between English, German, Dutch, Korean, Spanish, and French, draw your portrait, apply refreshing philosophical thought to make your project stand out, and a host of other creative stuff.

Contact us here: contact [at]

From our Blogs

For Tsvetsaeva
Marina, mine are not in a bookstore. I keep them in a place where not even the moths can find them where silent nods adorn their every line, Maybe they know that their time will never come. Maybe they wait anyhow, and some will ripen in the dark like wine.
do trees hear music when wind moves along their crown and leaves a trembling
...the aeons that it takes our minds to realize that our thinking is just matter lighting itself but there is no one looking.
De hype is nu zo ongeveer opgehouden, neem ik aan, dus het is een uitstekend moment om verslag uit te brengen van mijn onverwerkte traumata en de psychische kwetsuren die ik vijftien lange maanden heb verzwegen. Ik ben het afgelopen jaar meervoudig in mijn mond verkracht. Een zwerende, ontstoken kies heeft me verstoken van wat ...